Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My love of peanut butter will be the death of me.

It's been a couple of days since my last post but there really hasn't been anything that interesting to update about. I'm meting up with Candyce this week to see where her house is and have an opportunity to (direct quote from her, here) "have a last chance to freak out" on watching her kids. Haha, so far I'm not scared! But, I have a feeling I'll be second guessing myself once I'm in the thick of it. Speaking of kids, my neighbor Marcy's kids are so sweet but the other neighbor kids in this apartment complex are a bunch of bullies! They pick on Auston and MaCaelob non-stop. I'm really getting fed up with them and I swear if I hear them being mean one more time, I may just need to "accidentally" lose control of Clark while we're walking outside and let him chase them down the street. He's totally harmless, but they certainly don't know that.

Anyway, other than plotting my revenge on the heathens in my apartment community. . .

I'm really needing to get back in shape. I took a couple too many days off (ok, just 2 but still!) of my wii active so I didn't make the 30 day deadline. I'm really bummed out but I am going to start back up tomorrow and am absolutely not giving myself any more excuses for missing workouts. I really need to eat healthy and I really am trying, but the peanut butter keeps calling my name! We're going grocery shopping today and I wasn't going to pick anymore up so it wouldn't be tempting but Mark specifically asked for peanut butter (the first time he's asked for it! Why now when I'm being good!?!?!?) for when he does he weekend ambulance work. Ooook, fine.

Damn. Maybe I'll just have one teaspoon?

But no seriously. I do need to get in shape and I actually have some motivation this time! In October my cousin (who I haven't seen in two years!) is getting married and I'm going to her wedding. She lives in Florida so I'll be flying down there for a week and meet up with my mom and grandmom to go to the wedding. So my goal is to get into some serious shape so I can hit the beaches and get a nice tan while I'm there. We will see how that works out!

Going to do some menu planning now for grocery shopping.



Anonymous said...

I love peanut butter too. I quit smoking a year ago and gained 25 pounds. Somehow I need to lose it! Yikes. Stopping by from SITS.

*~Petra~* said...

Peanut butter just goes great with everything...especially chocolate! I seem to always be struggling with my weight... I need to get out walking again.

Good luck with your goals. :)

shannonmari3 said...

Let me know how the wii fit works out for you! I was considering buying that instead of some equipment (especially since it'll be easier to travel with, blah!). And good luck!

O.F.C.J. said...

Hello lady! I found your blog on 20sb. Interesting. I liked this post. It made me laugh. "Heathens" HaHa! Yes. But peanut butter can be eaten healthily...crackers, celery, stuff.... Don't give up!

Do check out my blog;) Thanks.



Liv said...

Oh boy. As I read your post I just looked down at my left hand covered in Cheetos residue. Do'h!

I really want a Wii Fit - I have heard great things about it.

Bullies are no Good - I taught Riley this trick to where I can do a weird facial expression and she growls. Not at me but with me - her tail wagging - but my friends don't know that and she freaks them out every time. Ha!

Carina the Blogarina said...

Good luck on getting in shape, I am in need of that myself. (Arn't most of us?) I am to not lacking in motivation, is the follow through power that is the killer :)