Monday, June 22, 2009

Meet Miss LeAnn, the Crazy Lady

So today I had my second interview with this woman Candyce for a nanny position. I interviewed with her two weeks ago and let me tell you, she is awesome. She is such a laid back woman who thinks she's crazy (she might be a little but she's really cool). Anyway, her and her husband are basically on the verge on going looney tunes with their three kids, so they want me to go and hang out with them for a couple of days a week. The kids are 5, 2, and 7 months and are apparently off the wall. I met them today after a series of unfortunate events which made me look like this crazy woman who is late (I'm like never late!) and it was not fun.

Here's a rundown:

I went to the mall where I thought we were supposed to meet but she wasn't there so I panicked. Then I went to the next mall (15 minutes away) and at that point it was 10:05, when we were supposed to meet. She wasn't there either. Then I figured she probably DID want to meet at the first mall so by the time I got there (after waiting to see if she showed up and getting stuck in traffic) she was getting ready to leave and I was almost 40 minutes late. I felt bad I hadn't confirmed the place and she felt horrible that I drove all over trying to find her.

Seriously. Only me.

It worked out in the end because the kids loved me (thank god), and I was able to meet Candyce's mom who normally watches the kids and she liked me too. I am going to go meet up with Candyce next week to see the house, meet her husband, and see where she works. I'm supposed to start in early July. I'm so excited! I'm hoping that with all the running around after the kids that I'll burn some extra calories (and drop pounds!)

It's cute because the kids are calling me Miss LeAnn. Candyce just started saying it and it kinda stuck. I haven't ever had anyone call me Miss LeAnn, but it feels weird. Make me feel old though. Back in Baltimore my cousins always called my dad Mister Steve and my step-mom Miss Vicki, and anyone I knew in MD would usually do it too with their elders. It's totally a southern thing so it's strange to hear it out in WA.

I'm going to go make dinner and watch TV with the guy. Good night!


Sami said...

Ooh, a nanny job sounds fun! :) As long as the kids are well behaved... sounds like these ones are. ;)

Hopped over from 20SB to give you some comment happies! Noticed you liked the Red Sox - YAY! I was born and raised in Mass so they are my faves!

Al said...

oh im looking forward to funny nannying (thats so a word) stories!!

lbradshaw said...

Thanks Sami and Al! Yeah, these kids sound like they are going to be a handful so I'm sure I will have a lot of stories! Sami-- I am a HUGE Sox fan, and it's worse because I'm from NY so I'm considered a traitor! :-P I hate the Yankees with all of my being so it was easy for me to love Boston!