Monday, July 20, 2009

Possible Changes!

I just realized that it's been like three weeks since I last posted. Whoops! Things have been getting busy around here between me babysitting and Mark working like crazy. He's finally back at the clinic and out of the pharmacy- THANK GOD! He hated it there so much. All the patients were idiots and cruel to him for no reason (mainly because he was in charge of giving them the tickets to wait to be called upon. So, they were all upset because they had to wait their turn and would take it out on him). But, now he's back where he should be and can actually use the skills he has to help people instead of being a doormat for stupid people!

Mark is also still working on his warrant officer packet. He won't have it in by the August 1st deadline so his next opportunity is going to be for the November boards. He's also going to get together his second and third choices for WO so he'll have backups in case he's not accepted for his first choice.

We also got word that we may be getting orders for next summer. So far he's been given four requisitions and we're hoping he'll get a few more for our other two ideal duty stations. The one we like the most so far is for Ft. Bragg, which has a tentative PCS date of July 31st. Granted, if he gets accepted into WOCS then we'll PCS to his school for a year and then get orders somewhere else but we want to make sure we get all of our ducks in a row just in case he's not accepted. We're also hoping for either Aberdeen (I have family in Baltimore and lived there for two years and would have a job waiting for me at IKEA if I moved back. That's actually our first choice because it's closer to home in NY) or Hawaii- because well, it's Hawaii!! :-) He's talking to branch to see what options he'll have so hopefully we'll hear something soon.

Otherwise, things have basically been uneventful around here. Yesterday we went to Point Defiance and had a picnic and it was so nice. That's the first time we've just spent quality time together in a while. Yeah, we hang out at home, but it's not the same when you're lying on a blanket in the grass talking about our plans and hopes for the future and just enjoying each other's company. We definitely want to make this a regular part of our schedules, going to the park and hanging out. Note to self: wear sunscreen on your legs. I got the weirdest sunburn yesterday on half of my right shin and my left thigh. Both of my legs were out straight so you would think it would be even, but no. And, I've never gotten sunburn below my thigh before. I've gotten a little red on my thighs before, but I had no idea I was going to have that much sun exposure to burn my shin. It really hurts! I always wear sunscreen and used my face moisturizer with SPF but totally forgot to put it on my body yesterday and never would have thought to put it on my shins since I never burn there. Now I know better!



Becca Christensen said...

Found you through 'we love comments' and love you already! : ]


Yet said...

Even though things are "uneventful" for you right now, I bet times will be the moments you look back on with fondness. i hope you enjoy everyday. I'm glad "Mark" got to go back to the clinic. Good for him.

Found you on 20sb we love comments

lbradshaw said...

Thanks!! I promise I will be posting more! I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to both of you!