Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm a bad bad blogger. . .

So apparently I only remember I have a blog about once a month or so, and I realize that's not exactly the promise I made to myself when I first started this a couple of months ago. So here goes again, I *promise* that I will not fall off the face of the planet any more. :-)

My last blog was about possible changes, but of course with the Army you know things never stay the same from one minute to the next! Our original hopes of North Carolina were squashed. Awww. :-(

Now that I've gotten THAT out of the way, I'm praying I don't jinx myself again with the orders ordeal when I say: WE'RE MOVING BACK TO NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!

Mark got new orders which means we're going home. I haven't been an official NY resident since 2006, so let's just say that I am over the moon!

I'm a little paranoid about the money issues since Mark won't be able to work part-time anymore and I won't have a job when I first get there. Money is going to be tight and we'll have to make some big budget cuts, but I've been applying for jobs like a fiend and I'm hoping something falls in place. Everything else seems to be, so I'm thinking the Big Guy upstairs is working his magic to help the stars align, finally.

My mom is ecstatic and has been helping me look for apartments. We found one that allowed Clarkster to come with us (right, like I would leave him behind! He's attached to my hip. . . ) so it seemed perfect. It was only a one bedroom as that was all that was available, but we were going to make it work. . . .

. . . That is, until my crazy mother remembered one of the houses on the street behind them had an empty apartment. So she just walked around the corner to "check out" the house. It's a two family and the lower level apartment has been empty since the old couple that lived there for years moved out. (Well, the husband died, and his wife moved into a nursing home afterwards, but anyway.) As my mom put it, their mailman "just so HAPPENED to be there" and she prodded him for info. LOL. He told her that he "didn't tell her who the owners were", but he gave her the info so she could call the owners. It just so happens that the owner is a psychologist (I'm a semester away from getting my B.S. in psych and am planning on eventually getting my Ph.D. to be a psychologist, so it has to be fate, right?!)

She left a message yesterday morning not thinking anything would come of it, and then they called back. They had just re-listed it and were planning on renting it for $1125. Mom told them how Mark is in the military and how we're moving back home finally. Then they lowered the price by almost $200 a month!! I couldn't believe it. They also don't normally allow dogs but because my mom lives in the neighborhood and they know it's someone they can trust, they're going to allow it. Mom is going tomorrow to look at the place so hopefully she will like it so I can send the security deposit. They are nice enough to hold it for two months for us, which is huge. It's a two bedroom, lower level apartment with a two car garage (we get one half, the tenants upstairs have the other). There's a coin operated washer and a dryer in the basement that we share. The backyard of this house ends at my mom's fence in her backyard. Seriously? It doesn't get any better than this. I told her at this rate I can just throw my clothes over the fence and use their washing machine :)

She didn't like that idea too much, LOL!

This whole thing is just beyond comprehension. Everything that has happened over the last few years has just led us to this moment. I can't believe I'm going home. And we'll be home in the FALL!!!!!!!!!!

In other news, can I just say that I am SO sad about Sen. Teddy Kennedy? I know he was sick and we were all expecting it, but it's the end of an era. He has done so much for this country's progress. I am well aware as a woman that he has helped us become more accepted in society and has made so much progress with equal rights. I may not have voted for Senator McCain, but the statement he released about Ted Kennedy was one of the sweetest things I think he has ever said. I'll share my favorite excerpt from it:

"He grew up in the long shadow of his brothers, but found a way to be useful to his country in ways that will outlast their accomplishments."

I don't think anyone could have said it better.

Until next time,



Mr. Condescending said...

Where in ny are ya moving to?

lbradshaw said...

About two hours north of the city, where we're originally from.

Becca Christensen said...

Congrats! I wish I could spend some time in New York. : ] Can I come visit? Ha ha!