Monday, January 11, 2010


So, after 5 exhaustive weeks of training, I've made it through the first hurdles! For the first 5 weeks we were on our 6-2:30 schedule and starting on Tuesday I'll start working at a somewhat normal time, 7-3:30. We had classroom training to learn all of the ins and outs of the project we're working on for our company and starting tomorrow we start on the phones taking calls. I'm nervous but I'm sure I'll be fine after my first few calls come in to help get the jitters out.

The classroom training was pretty cool, I learned a lot and did very well- we took 7 assessments and I was one of the top 2 people in class by the end (we were practically tied with a 95.6 and a 95.8 avg., but Trisha just edged me out!) so I feel great about the material I retained. It's just a call center job, but the trainers are looking to hire supervisors out of our class once the last 3 weeks of T-Bay (transition bay) training is over. So as long as I do great on my metrics, I'm gunning for a supervisor role. I was talking to Marc, one of my trainers, about the possibility of transferring in June once we move to Ft. Bliss and he said he thinks I would definitely be able to transfer. The one slight *teeny* problem: the call center down there isn't exactly in El Paso, it's actually in Juarez. D'oh. I have to find out more info about safety and things like that before I can consider working there, especially with all of the drug cartel murders that have been happening. My trainer said he's been down there and it's actually beautiful, but if he left the call center and went outside, he had to have bodyguards from the company walk with him wherever they went. It's a little eerie to think about that.

Anyway, in other fronts- we've decided we want to start looking at buying a house! The house prices in El Paso are super cheap and many are brand new constructions. We think we'd be crazy not to consider it so we'll actually have SPACE. And it will be OURS, so we can do whatever we want to with our house! I have paint colors picked already, LOL.

Also, our wedding is completely booked! Still trying to figure out the guest list issues- we've had people that still can't figure out if they are coming, and we have a set number of people that can attend. If certain people don't make up their minds, we have to wait on filling up spots and inviting people. It's becoming stressful, which was the whole reason why we decided to have a small thing out here in the first place, to keep the drama away. Sigh. Anyway. I have stuff to get done so I'm going to be done for now. Thanks for reading!



Marissa said...

How exciting you will be homeowners!!!

Becca Christensen said...

Congrats on doing so well in training!

I just became a homeowner on the 21st of December and I LOVE it! I will warn you it is a ton of work in the beginning and the costs of getting set up in a new place are way higher than I thought. But living in Tampa, FL it was a great time to take advantage or a sunken real estate market. I bought a condo for 1/3 of what it sold for 4 years ago. And I LOVE it. I've been posting pics on my blog if you're interested.

But goodluck and congrats!


lbradshaw said...

Thanks ladies! We are super excited. Hoping our credit scores will be good enough to qualify though, especially with the economy down the tubes. But, if it's meant to be it will come!

RAY J said...

Hey there from 20sb!

I hear ya on the wedding guest list mess - same thing happened to me!

We didn't want a HUGE wedding and the place we were having the reception at could only seat like 120-140 in the main dining room and we didn't want some guests to have to sit elsewhere in another room (because how do you decide who doesn't make it into the main room, ya know?) so we had to keep it down.

Well my mother in law gave us her list, which literally had well over 70 people on, although she assured us that not all of them would be coming, we still cut about 15 people from the list and sent them announcements, but guess what - most of the rest that we didn't cut from her list ALL CAME! And to make it more stressful, my dad's the oldest of 7 so we invited all his siblings and their spouses, expecting most of them not to come since they all live out east and then we found out my grandma was twisting their arms into coming! Most of them came too!

We ended up having to cut friends of ours we would have liked to have invited just because of the above mess... it was sooooo annoying! Oh and then I had former classmates/coworkers all "where's my invite??" - one got pretty upset when I didn't send him right away even after I explained the situation that we had relatives we had to see if they were coming or not before I could send out more invites (this jerk - I didn't even think we were that close - ended up getting an invite after my mom pressured me to cave and invite him, but then he didn't come and he didn't bother to even invite me to his wedding! >< )

lol sorry for the rant - I think that was probably the most stressful part of my wedding planning tho, so I hear ya!